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Director: Karlee Boon
Cinematographer: Eduardo Jovanovic
Editor: Leah Brown
Original Music: Mel Guerison

Starring: Marlowe Eduvijes Ostara, Chynna Rae Shurts, Eddie Lee Wollrabe

"NIGHT SHIFT" follows 18-year-old Cheryl and best friend Darcy as they waste away the Summer of ’85 waiting tables at the only diner in their middle of nowhere Oregon town.

Suffocated by small-town conservatism and her sexist high school reputation, Cheryl longs for the day that she can finally ditch Myrtlewood and her vengeful ex, Scottie, for good.

But when she becomes victim to a mysterious late-night animal attack, Cheryl under
goes a strange transformation that pushes her friendship with Darcy to the brink and forces her to bite back against her tormentors once & for all.

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Poster artwork by Aaron Isaac Vasquez.

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